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The high caliber VIC IT team is qualified, multi-skilled and experienced. Because we understand business, people, IT, projects and operations, we provide cost effective, efficient solutions that support your culture and environment. Our service models ensure maximum uptime and enhanced performance, and we continuously look for opportunities to innovate. We are visionaries and like to be the front runners in emerging technologies, being the first to implement whenever possible. 

When it comes to new solutions we are keen pioneers, learning lessons and always finding ways to do things smarter. We look for ways to grow with you, providing practical support that is backed by reliable and realistic planning, as well as capable teams that ensure knowledge transfer and continuity. We are committed to efficiency, relevance and impeccable service.

At the Heart of VIC IT

People are important, and technology is necessary; together they create opportunity. VIC IT is your Technology partner that understands how to bring it together. We believe in affordability and strive to give you consistently great service. Our delivery is agile, practical and customer focused. We make sure that solutions are fit for purpose and aligned with your technical and governance requirements.

Value Proposition

We nurture solid partnerships, providing solutions and service that reduces human intervention and that aim to prevent system interruption. Our solutions enable growth for our clients, ensuring long term sustainability.

The Power of the Team

Our cross skilled teams are innovative, experienced and business orientated. We are hands on, focused and dedicated to supporting our customers, helping to protect and grow your skills and businesses. We look for solutions, not problems, and pride ourselves on our ethics and competence.

Our diverse experience provides perspective on numerous sectors and different sized organizations, allowing us to plan, execute and deliver in line with specific industry needs. We try, as far as possible, to automate and digitize, minimizing human intervention once solutions are implemented, protecting your business and streamlining operations

What We Stand For

Our Vision

To innovate, collaborate and cross skill in such a way that our influence is felt and endorsed worldwide, by individuals and industries alike.

Our Promise

To be a dependable partner that will blaze new trails with you, minimizing risk while maximizing benefit.

Our Values

In everything we do we show service to others in our commitment, open-mindedness, efficiency, passion, respect, courage and perseverance.

Our Mission

Implement technologies and processes that will help our clients exceed their own expectations. We will create, build and maintain solutions to support your growing needs, always making sure we take a long- term view, saving you time, money and effort.


At VIC IT we believe that what you do helps you be more of who you are.
If you are innovative, have an affinity for technology, are customer centric, and have a flair for continuous learning, please email your cv to:

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